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Revive Your Rest Practices

This immersion class is designed to inspire your rest.

Our afternoon will include:
- Circling and discussion around our relationship to rest
- Deconstruction around outmoded thought patterns around rest.
- a 90 minute Restorative Yoga class with passionate Restorative Yoga teacher, trainer, and advocate, Gwendolyn Ren.
- a curated gift box with my favorite rest-centric high quality and handmade items to help you take these practices and these moments home.


Deliberate rest is not only a form of self care, but a necessity to balance the busyness of our modern lives - an important piece of our wellbeing and our sustainability. Rest is not futile or wasteful, it fuels and supports the parts of our lives that do require action, effort, and attention. Our tender and loving presence.

Deep rest is a soul practice and by inviting ourselves back home we give rise to our intuition, our clarity and our truth, fostering a sense of connectivity both to ourselves and our place in the world.

Designed for both the devoted rest practitioner, curious new explorer and passionate teacher, this three and half hour experience ignites your connection to these teachings and stokes the possibilities of this potent medicine.

Saturday, June 29th, 3:00pm - 6:30pm

Included: Circling and discussion around our relationship to rest, the deconstruction of outmoded thought patterns around our rest, a powerful 90 minute restorative class, and a curated gift of my favorite rest-centric takeaways that will all go home with you. Oh, tea and snacks, too.

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