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WordFlow: The Yoga of Communication (NVC)

  • Abide Yoga 13001 Larchmere Boulevard Shaker Heights, OH, 44120 United States (map)

WordFlow: The Yoga of Communication

Do you wish to bring the same flow of peace, relaxation and openness you experience on your yoga mat to everyday conversations and relationships?
How can you more closely align your thoughts, words and actions with yoga qualities like presence, precision, balance, strength, flexibility and care?

What is WordFlow?

Based on Nonviolent Communication, WordFlow is a practice that enables living yoga’s principles of nonviolence (ahimsa) and truth (satya) in everyday interactions. We learn to shift from habits of diagnosis, judgments, and blame towards
new ways of connecting from the heart. The simple, transformative WordFlow process grounds us in an intention of compassion -- for ourselves and others. We learn to
maintain or deepen connection, navigating even disagreements by expressing with honesty and listening with empathy. Rather than focusing on getting people to do
what we want, improving the quality of our connection fosters a natural flow of giving and receiving. Relationships of trust, respect, openness and curiosity emerge and
inspire creative solutions that honor everyone’s needs.

WordFlow: A Yoga and Nonviolent Communication Intro Series

Just like yoga asana practice, WordFlow learning happens through hands-on experience with the spirit of experiments. We will learn basic concepts together and
practice in small groups.

➢ experiment #1, september 13th
foundation flow: self-awareness and self-expression

Self-awareness creates the foundation of clarity that enables communication to flow with nonviolence and truth. We’ll explore yoga asana practice as a model for the qualities we wish to bring to our relationships, and investigate ways we support or block flow in our physical practice.

Grounded in these yoga qualities, we’ll move “off the mat,” introducing the 4-step WordFlow process. We’ll translate thoughts and judgments into the WordFlow language of observations, feelings, needs and requests. We’ll then
deepen the practice of self-awareness self-empowerment using participants’ examples of everyday relationship situations.

 experiment #2, september 27th
connecting flow: empathic listening and creative solutions

Getting grounded first in what’s important to ourselves in a situation can open more internal space to hear what truly matters to another person. We’ll examine the concept of empathy and what blocks and supports our ability to listen or be heard. Exploring participants’ real life situations, we’ll practice listening for and reflecting back the essence of the others’ values beneath the surface of their words. Genuinely understanding and appreciating what each other values often generates win-win solutions for situations that parties previously thought impossible.

 Two Fridays, September 13 & September 27

7 - 9 PM

$50 for both dates