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Coloring Outside The Lines: Creative Yoga For Non Conformists

  • Abide Yoga 13001 Larchmere Boulevard Shaker Heights, OH, 44120 United States (map)

Yoga by nature is subversive. The first yogis were misfits who left behind the status quo and headed to the mountains or the forest to seek a life beyond shallow materialism. When yoga came to America, hippies and social revolutionaries were amongst the first to embrace it because it fit right in with their whole “fight the power” vibe. Somehow, in our lifetime, yoga has gone from counter-culture to the pop culture. Let’s take it back to its roots! This workshop is all about finding the rebellion in your yoga practice. Let’s not do it the same way we’ve always done it just because some dude said it was gospel 50 years ago. There are so many inspiring people out there revolutionizing the yoga practice, helping it to evolve so that it truly serves OUR needs, as modern truth seekers and radical human beings on a path of transformation. We’ll explore wild new ways to use props, we’ll bust a few old school anatomy myths, and we’ll shake up our body temple with all kinds of creative movement. Let’s be part of the Yoga Renaissance!

Friday, 8/2

7 - 9


About Kelly Kamm:

Always on the hunt for some deep connection with the invisible forces of magic and spirit, Kelly studied Eastern philosophy and politics in DC, hiked the Appalachian Train, traveled the world, and worked as a stylist in the NYC fashion and music business. When she found yoga she saw it as the confluence of everything she valued and longed for – creation and form, connection to the magical unknown, the fusing of the sacred and the everyday.  She opened a studio in Goshen NY in 2006 and sold it a couple of years ago, and now teaches workshops, festivals and teacher trainings all over the globe.