An inclusive yoga and healing retreat with Abide Yoga's Gwen Hashimoto (Abide Yoga, GRH Yoga) and Stacey Pickering (Wellness with Stacey P).

Vieques, a small, remote island off the coast of Puerto Rico feels like another world but as a US territory requires no passport. Largely undeveloped and protected as a wildlife refuge, Vieques is home to quiet, pristine Carribean beaches, lush tropical landscapes, friendly locals and one of the world's only bioluminescent bays (!!!). There are no fast food restaurants, no big box retailers, and more wild horses than people.

Stacey & Gwen will put together an itinerary that offers space for natural unfoldment. There will be ample time to embrace the island in any way it calls to you and to get to know this special place which has shaped both our understandings of ourselves and the beauty of the world around us.

Throughout our time on the island we want to include all of the practices that balance us. All the ones that make us feel soulful, thoughtful, joyful. The ones that illuminate our capacity to live our lives to the fullest, welcome opportunity, recognize each moment.  The healing that you choose to embark on will be all about cultivating time and space for yourself to process and experience.  Our time will include:

Daily Meditation and Yoga Practices (an emphasis on the restorative styles)

Sunset Sound Healing sessions on the rooftop deck

Healing conversation and writing

Small Group Energy Therapy sessions (Reiki, Polarity Therapy, Reflexology)

Homecooked Meals


An excursion to the Bioluminescent Bay

Beach time/free time

Luxury property accommodations on 30 acres with a pool, walking distance to town and beach

TRIP UPDATE 10.9.17 // Nearly a month has passed since Hurricane Maria impacted the Caribbean islands, including our beloved Vieques. In those weeks, little communication has made its way to us but we know they are struggling.  Without clean drinking water, consistent access to food, money or fuel, without telephones.  Some without roofs.   It is hard to rebuild, when daily life, basic needs, are so difficult to meet.  

Stacey and Gwen are hosting an evening of sound, meditation and reiki in support of Vieques at Abide on Sunday, October 29th.  All funds raised will go to the non-profit, ViequesLove, who, with their private donors have provided much of the aid to the island in the wake of this catastrophe.  You can learn more about this event here:  Vieques Fundraiser / Sound, Meditation & Reiki

If you would like updates on the state of Vieques we recommend the following sources:


Vieques Weather

We are still eager to visit come Spring, and evolving the nature of our retreat and our programs while on the island to the benefit of us all. We will be in touch as more information becomes available and thank you all for the interest, support, and kindness you have shown.  // Perhaps we will all gather there to help heal, together.


Gwen & Stacey

HURRICANE UPDATE 9.22.17//  We wanted to share with you all an update on our dear island, Vieques, following the path of Hurricane Maria that traveled through the Caribbean and Puerto Rico this week.   We have been watching her closely, and waiting to hear with bated breath about how the islands and our friends there have fared.   

We have heard through the grapevine that though there is damage to vegetation and wood construction around the island that it is not a story of destruction.   Many of the buildings are concrete, and have held well, roofs are still (for the most part) on houses, and roads (or what of them were there to begin with!) are still there.   The jungle will take back over, greening the landscape again.  The loving locals will pick up debris, rebuild.   And we, those that love the island, will return again, to enjoy its beauty and support the people and businesses that stand strong.  They have much work to do, but we are anticipating them still welcoming us with open arms by March.

We hope to hear from El Cerro, where we will be staying, in the coming week, and as soon as a little more information is available we'll be announcing early bird rates and sharing more photos of the property.   We keep all those struggling in the wake of this hurricane season in our thoughts but are still so encouraged by the resiliency of the jungle and of human nature.

// Perhaps we will all gather there to help heal, together.

Love, Gwendolyn & Stacey


You can keep in touch with us here for all the details:  https://www.facebook.com/events/115648129110746