Massage w. Hayleigh


Say goodbye to physical tension…

Hayleigh Robertson is a licensed massage therapist and 200-hour certified yoga instructor (who teaches Slow + Low on Thursdays at 8PM). Those two career paths heavily influence one another and overlap in several ways. She not only keeps the communication open regarding your needs and desired outcome from the session, but she is also strongly intuitive. After receiving her license, Hayleigh continued her schooling with an advanced certification, which provided her with more knowledge and skills to help heal others. Your sessions with her will always be catered to you.

Hayleigh has availability on Thursdays from 11 AM until 4:30 PM at Abide.

Sessions are $75, and last for 1 hour. You may book a massage by submitting the form below, or by calling Abide at 216.379.0626.

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