Reiki & Restorative with Gwen Hashimoto

Practiced here as an intentional laying of hands, Reiki is a Japanese modality of energetic healing, shown to reduce stress and promote relaxation.  With Gwen, Reiki is a calming, grounding experience that can restore balance and promote healing by offering feelings of peace, security and well being.  

Reiki sessions can be offered on their own, or in conjunction with a Restorative Yoga practice.  Gwen teaches a gentle and calming Intuitive Flow Restorative, allowing poses and transitions to naturally unfold in a class that is suitable for everyone. Restorative Yoga is subtle yet pervasive work, creating space and opening in the body and mind through passive practices that ask us to let go and observe. 

Private and Semi-Private sessions are available.  

Gwen teaches Slow & Low every Tuesday at 7:00pm and a Restorative Yoga class every Wednesday at 7:45pm.

You can find her on instagram @grh_yoga and on facebook at where you can follow her for latest offerings at Abide Yoga.

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