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abide yoga offers workshops and special classes to augment our regular weekly schedule. keep an eye out for unexpected times and themes to encourage exploration, curiosity and creativity in your practice. 


Reiki + Restorative w. Gwendolyn Ren

Saturday, december 30th (5pm - 7pm)


In both real and metaphorical ways we gather to feel held. The gestation of winter. The closing of a year. The preparation for the next. 

A gentle disentanglement, this session of Reiki + Restorative is guided by the ways in which we naturally unfold. Unwind. The juxtaposition between something deeply personal and the shared experience of breath and being with those around us. Spacious, we offer ourselves the chance to reflect, tune in, tune out.

Restorative Yoga is tender and pervasive work, creating subtle opening in the body and mind through passive practices that ask us to let go and observe. 

Reiki is a Japanese modality of energetic healing, that Gwen approaches as intuitive touch, and comforting connection. 

This session is limited to six, to ensure the personal and attentive space that we create together. 

Investment is $55.


Practices for Anxiety w. Hope Hood


Yoga, mindfulness, and meditation are all ancient tools that can be introduced into our lives to help mend our relationship with our nervous system and soothe the sensations of anxiety that sometimes feel overwhelming.  

Hope Hood, owner of Abide Yoga, is here to offer safe, kind space to help ease anxiety in a private, 1:1 setting.  

READ MORE HERE to learn more about these individualized services, meeting you just where you are.


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illustration by Merakilabbe

illustration by Merakilabbe