Sacred Resonance
4:00 PM16:00

Sacred Resonance

a lifelong practice in the midst of ease and challenge
life calls for space to pause, to quiet, to breathe
it calls to reflect, to remember and to honor
the unfolding tapestry of our life

Presented by Rooted Blossoms, Sacred Resonance is an offering of interwoven movement, meditation and healing sounds. An offering of soulful presence and communion in the midst of the fast-approaching holiday season.

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Let Go: an (almost) silent retreat
11:00 AM11:00

Let Go: an (almost) silent retreat

this day retreat is about . l e t t i n g . g o . 

Spending time with ourselves. Held space for exploration, and discovery, and quietude. For sifting through, and sorting out. We are preparing for the dormancy of winter. What is worth tending through the upcoming season of hibernation. what is worth carrying into another year. 

On Saturday, November 3rd we'll gather in the woods and . l i s t e n . to the leaves under our feet and the achey branches sway and the cold water tumble over rocks and the sound of our own breath, mixed with wind and the companionship of others, breathing with us. Our day together will include:

passive, intuitive styled yoga practice
yoga nidra and sound bath
forest bathing and meditation
plant based meals and snacks, made with love

early registration is $165 (before september 20)
regular rate is $185 (after september 20)

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Restorative Lab
3:30 PM15:30

Restorative Lab

Why would you stay somewhere that does not serve you? Restorative Lab offers you the tools to find your sweet spots in your restorative practices. The nuances that allow you to sink in, and experience stillness more fully.

This is a platform for discovery. Not a restorative class, but an opportunity for exploration, we’ll break down poses and take the time to find the specific support and modifications that suit us as individuals. In doing so, we can approach our restorative practices from a new perspective: one that allows us to shed light on how adaptable we, and our practices, really are.

Tuning into our nervous system and our need for rest, Restorative Yoga is fundamentally a held space that allows you time to decompress. The key to relaxing the body and the mind begins with this foundation: if we feel safe and supported in our physical body we can begin to turn down the noise, the systematic triggers that keep us in the cycle of fight or flight. 

But how can one feel supported, if you aren’t? Our bodies and our dispositions are unique and our needs are, too. Learning to identify what serves us is tantamount here, and in every aspect of our life.

This two hour laboratory style event is limited to six people, to encourage unhindered exploration, plenty of props, and personal attention. We’ll end with a long savasana with Reiki and Marma assists.

Investment in yourself and this work: $55
(includes a special something)

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