Hope Hamling Hood

owner & teacher

Hope Hamling Hood has been devoted to a regular yoga practice since 2000.  She believes that everybody can do yoga, and that you can start exactly where you are: flexible or unable to touch your toes, calm and centered or a scattered multitasker, healthy or sick.  Everyone can do it, and everyone can benefit.  Focusing on the breath and linking it with physical movement (no matter how subtle) is an effective way to bring yourself into the moment and retrain your brain and nervous system to restore mental clarity and well-being.  Hope graduated from Happy Buddha Yoga's teacher training program under Kelly Kamm.  


Through the years, the practice of yoga has been her heart's home, providing a creative outlet, a shelter from the demands of life, a learning laboratory, and a lens through which to view the world. Her goal as a teacher is to provide her students with the caring support needed to face life's challenges.  Hope moved to Cleveland from New York in 2013.  She is a huge fan of the Coen Brothers movie The Big Lebowski and sees many parallels between the practice of yoga and the life of The Dude. Truly, the practice of yoga has tied her whole life together. The name of the studio, the studio philosophy (Take It Easy), and the class titles are inspired by the parts of the film.


Hope's classes explore creativity and curiosity, offering both challenges and rest in perfect balance with one another.  She teaches Vinyasa, Yin, Slow & Low, & Restorative at Abide, and is also available for teacher mentorship, marma therapy sessions, and private and semi-private yoga sessions. Hope also designs personalized private sessions, home practices and daily routines for folks who live with anxiety. 


You can find Hope on instagram at @abidehope.

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