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Embodied Practice: 200 Hour Teacher Training

Embodied Practice Immersion and Yoga Teacher Training begins on February 1st with an exciting new structure. This is a training unlike any other in Cleveland, with two distinctly different halves. Take one to immerse, take two to teach. 

Part One is an immersion, February - June, to dive deep into your yoga practice, your subtle and energetic bodies, collecting the tools and framework of your own exploration. 

You may take Part One by itself, or take Parts One and Two in order to earn your 200 hour Yoga Teacher Certification.

Part Two is a training, June - November, learning how to share the practices that you've come to embody. You'll learn how to teach rhythmic and passive style yoga classes, creative sequencing, meditation, and then spend lots of time honing the practical and functional aspects of being a teacher.

There is no value in being expected to practice yoga like the person next to you. In the same way, there is no value in teaching yoga like the person next to you. Embodied Practice will encourage you to discover and honor your path to self care, an immersion for the creative and the curious that changes the way we approach our practice and how to share it. A balance between community based practices and personal evolution, we’ll learn from each other that ultimately we are our own greatest teacher.

Are you passionate about this journey of discovery? Are you willing to commit to the exploration? There are no prerequisites for self-care. This training is for everyone. This training is for the student, the teacher, the introvert, those with a deeply felt practice, those that are discovering their practice, those that are in need of connection, those that want the tools to teach. The creative and the curious and those that have always wondered what it would be like to live in an embodied, authentic way. 

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